How People Celebrate Raksha Bandhan Around the Nation

How People Celebrate Raksha Bandhan Around the Nation

Raksha Bandhan is one of the most significant festivals celebrated in India, highlighting the beautiful bond between brothers and sisters. This auspicious occasion is observed on the full moon day of the Hindu month of Shravana. The festival holds immense cultural and emotional importance, with people from various regions across the nation celebrating it in their unique ways. In a modern context, Raksha Bandhan has also adapted to changing times. With families often spread across different cities or even countries, siblings make efforts to connect through virtual celebrations, send rakhi gifts online through online platforms. Despite physical distances, the emotional bond and love shared between siblings remain unaltered.

This essay explores the diverse customs and rituals associated with Raksha Bandhan, shedding light on the captivating traditions followed by people in different parts of India.

Raksha Bandhan in North India:

In North India, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor. The festivities typically commence with sisters preparing a traditional thali consisting of a rakhi (a sacred thread), roli (vermilion), rice grains, and sweets. Sisters then tie the rakhi around their brothers’ wrists and perform an aarti (a religious ritual) while praying for their well-being. Brothers, in turn, offer gifts or money to their sisters as a token of their love and appreciation. Families gather together to share a delicious feast and engage in joyous conversations.

Raksha Bandhan in South India:

In South India, Raksha Bandhan is known as Avani Avittam or Upakarma. The festival holds special significance for Brahmin communities as it marks the day when they change their sacred threads. On this day, Brahmin men perform a ritualistic thread-changing ceremony while chanting Vedic hymns. Sisters tie a sacred thread around their brothers’ wrists, symbolizing protection and love. Alongside the thread ceremony, traditional meals are prepared, and families come together to celebrate the occasion.

Raksha Bandhan in Western India:

In Western India, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with great joy and enthusiasm. The festival is associated with various legends and mythological stories. One popular legend is that of Lord Krishna and Draupadi, where Krishna protects Draupadi from embarrassment by extending her saree when it seems to be endless. Sisters perform aarti and tie the rakhi on their brothers’ wrists, while brothers give gifts in return. Another unique tradition in this region is the ‘Rakhi Purnima,’ where people fly kites and engage in kite-fighting competitions.

Raksha Bandhan in Eastern India:

In Eastern India, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with immense passion and zest. The festival is known as ‘Jhulan Purnima’ in this region, symbolizing the swing festival of Lord Krishna and Radha. Sisters tie sacred threads around their brothers’ wrists, and brothers shower them with love, blessings, and gifts. Additionally, sisters tie rakhi on the wrists of their sisters-in-law, symbolizing the bond between sisters-in-law and strengthening familial ties. The day is also marked by cultural performances, where traditional songs and dances are performed. You can Rakhi Express Delivery and get them delivered right away.

Raksha Bandhan in Central India:

In Central India, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with traditional rituals and customs. Sisters tie rakhi on their brothers’ wrists, seeking protection and blessings. A unique aspect of this region is the inclusion of ‘Bhaiyya’ (brother) in the rakhi, which is traditionally made from silk threads. This region also witnesses the grand celebration of the Rakhi Mahotsav, where cultural programs, folk dances, and music performances take place. It brings together people from various communities, fostering unity and cultural harmony.


Raksha Bandhan holds a special place in the hearts of people across the nation. It is a celebration of love, trust, and protection. The festival brings families together, strengthens sibling relationships, and fosters a sense of unity within society. It is a day when people express their gratitude, affection, and lifelong commitment to one another.

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As the sacred thread of the rakhi is tied, it encapsulates the timeless bond between siblings, reminding us of the responsibilities we have towards each other. Raksha Bandhan is not just a festival; it is a beautiful tradition that reflects the values of love, care, and togetherness. It is a celebration that will continue to be cherished for generations to come, uniting people from all walks of life and spreading joy throughout the nation.

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